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About Us

Blockchain and the Decentralization of Money

As over-indebted and bankrupt governments and their central bank issued fiat currencies continue to destroy the savings, economic opportunities, and personal freedoms of their citizens, individuals are seeking alternative means of controlling their money and preserving its purchasing power. Technologies that use the internet are disrupting long etablished centralized industries, such as banking. Cryptocurrencies offer a decentralized, borderless, and secure digital alternative for storing and transferring wealth, and making payments worldwide using blockchain, distributed ledgers, and other encrypted data systems. Mining is the verification process for transactions processed on the Bitcoin and some other blockchain protocols.

Bitcoin and Altcoin Mining

XTRA Bitcoin Inc owns and operates Asic bitcoin and crypto miners. We are also developing the 4000 ASIC miner Wonka 1 Cryptomine with 7MW of low cost hydro-power in the Pacific Northwest of the United States of America. XTRA has also acquired land and access to another 8MW for future expansion of an additional 4,570 ASIC miners. Total project size is 8,570 ASIC miners. 
XTRA Bitcoin Inc is  pursuing an audit of their financials as part of a planned Reg A Tier 2 offering to raise funds for continued expansion and growth. XTRA will apply for a  trading symbol upon qualifying.
XTRA Bitcoin owns 41 S9, 5 V9, 2 T9,  and 8 A3 miners with 47 installed and 9 pending. Mining began in March 2018. 

Asic Miner Hosting

Miner hosting will be offered in new facility under construction. Watch for updates. 


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